My First Gaming PC Build

20150216_204053This is the first gaming PC I’ve built by myself. In the past I had ordered custom built gaming rigs from places like CyberPowerPC. I was not completely satisfied with that build but did it last me a good 3+ years.

I was initially looking at buying an AMD APU with the integrated graphics so I could also try out AMD for the first time while keeping in budget, then things got out of hand. I looked at the reviews for the FX-8350 and was impressed instantly.

After doing more research I picked a liquid cooling system as I always wanted to say I had a PC with it; the fact that the 8350 probably needed something better than the stock cooler was also a reason I got it.

This thing is wicked fast and I have no regrets in any of the parts, especially the SSHD.

Full Review is on PCPartPicker