My Music Library (MML)



My Music Library or more simply MML, is a web based application built with PHP and MySQL and is quite early in it’s development.

The goal of this project is to develop an open source PHP based web application that allows users to manage a music library system and even upload their own music.

This project started out as a simple little Javascript and HTML rendition that allowed me to view and add all of my songs that I liked and rate them. I thought wouldn’t it be amazing if I could add album art, and allow myself to edit the entries within the application using a database, and so that’s where this project started.

Pictured is an early version of MML that I built based off HTML, Javascript, and CSS. It’s rather simple to say the least. But it started off this idea, so hats off to it.

I have not currently released any source code for this project as it has barely taken off the ground, however, as soon as it does, i’ll post a link here to git. As for this early version, I will be releasing the source code in the next coming days.


Version 3.1 Link